Frequently Asked Questions

What is RAMP Foundation? RAMP Foundation is a new Private Operating Foundation. It is organized to promote individuals to work with refugee children at resettlement organizations in the U.S.

What does RAMP Foundation do? We provide travel funding and education to under-resourced volunteers.
How can I make a donation? You can donate online or mail a check to RAMP Foundation, 39 Dunn Street, Thomaston, ME 04861.

How can I become a RAMP Volunteer? If you are interested in contributing your time and talents but do not have the financial means, below are the steps you need to take:

  • Sign up on the Volunteer Signup page found in the footer section of the website.
  •  Familiarize yourself with the general training section at to become aware of the refugee situation and what organizations are working to settle refugee kids and their families.
  • Find a resettlement organization you’d like to volunteer with and sign up for an assignment with them. You are free to find your own organization based on your specific skills and areas of interest. They will vet you and approve you as warranted. RAMP Foundation does not get involved in the selection process.
  • Apply for RAMP Foundation travel funds. The process requires you to submit a copy of your acceptance letter. A travel award depends on availability of funding.

Is there an age limit for volunteering? We welcome anyone 18 years and older to join RAMP Foundation as a potential volunteer: Retirees, college students and anyone in between can join us.

Can volunteers apply for funds as a group? We are not set up for group travel currently, but we support whatever you as a member of a group can arrange with a host organization.

Do you assign volunteers to any organization? No, Ramp Foundation is not a volunteer matching service. But our website lists the several hundred organizations located in the U.S. that serve refugee children. You are free to find your own organization based on your specific skills and areas of interest as well as the area of the country you want to work in.

Where do I go for training and is it required? RAMP Foundation has general training material on our website to show you what to expect before you start your assignment. Specifically, you will learn about refugee needs and culture, refugee trauma, and ages and stages of child development. Very importantly, resettlement organizations offer mission specific training before (via Zoom) and during your assignment.

How long can assignments be? Up to 4 weeks. We do not cover travel for internships currently.

How is my travel arranged? Please understand that your travel is for charitable purposes, and so the byword for the arrangements is reasonable. A well-established third party travel agency will arrange transportation for you by plane, train,and/or bus to and from the location of your assignment or will reimburse mileage, if you take your own car. The travel agency will also arrange reasonable lodging with breakfast for the duration of assignment. RAMP Foundation will issue each traveler an expense credit card to cover meals and local public transportation. Currently, we do not offer rental cars.

Are there any assignments available online rather than onsite? Yes, some organizations use online volunteers to enter data, answer emails, make phone calls, etc.. Still other organizations are looking for online tutors for teaching language skills and helping with homework and schoolwork for children.

Does RAMP Foundation have Fundraiser for which they need volunteers? No, not at this point. We expect to be entirely supported by the voluntary contributions of foundations, governments, corporations, and private individuals.

What portion of RAMP Foundation’s budget is spent helping children? We have not started public operation, but we expect that close to 100% of our budget will be program-directed. Why? We do not have any paid staff which is the largest cost in nonprofits. We are registered with both Guide Start and Charity Navigator.

What is RAMP Foundation’s tax ID number? Our Federal Identification Number is 85-3007963. The IRS letter confirming our 501(c0)(3) status if available for downloading here.

Does RAMP Foundation have a blog or social media site? Both are planned but currently not available. But we encourage you to sign up for our Newsletter.

How can I link to your website? RAMP Foundation welcomes links to its website from any website meeting the criteria specified in our Linking Agreement.