Our Solution

“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.” – Sherry Anderson.

The Time Has Come to Break Down Barriers

Our solution is based on the premise that not so obvious barriers tend to keep people from volunteering with displaced children. These socioeconomic barriers deny potential volunteers access to unique personal growth and thus the opportunity to serve as powerful agents of positive change in our communities.

Do you have what it takes to volunteer with refugee children?
Do you want to change the odds for both the children and for yourself?
Are you ready to seize the opportunity?
It is yours for the taking!

Our solution to the problems is based on a simple concept: find, prepare, and fund volunteers for short-term assignments at specific charity organizations of their choosing. RAMP Foundation is calling upon that segment of our population that does not consider volunteering, because of a lack of financial resources and/or not knowing what to expect. We have experienced that personally, and here is how we have addressed and solved these two barriers:

• Not having travel funds – This is for those of us who sit on the sidelines eager to participate but we lack the financial resources to go. In the end, that means that many of us are barred from making this a kinder, more cohesive world!

• Not knowing what to expect –To gain confidence in any new venture, it is comforting and essential to know what lies ahead as you set your sails. As a RAMP Volunteer, you have access to focused online training to prepare you for a more meaningful and effective mission with a charity organization of your choice. Such training includes learning to understand and appreciate cultural diversity, the effects of being forced from one’s homeland, as well as learning about ages and stages of child development.

As part of the application process, we are asking you to familiarize yourself with child refugee charities. Our Partners’ page features an interactive map with links to over 300 U.S. based resettlement organizations.  They will help you to understand their mission, work procedures, and the diverse tasks they may have for their volunteers. And it is necessary for you to have arranged a volunteer assignment with a charity before you can apply for travel funds at RAMP Foundation.  To help you in your search for a perfect fit of your talents, you may also wish to check out online charity evaluators such as Guide Star and Charity Navigator. 

RAMP Foundation is staffed “by volunteers for volunteers”. It serves as an online home for volunteers and reflects our mission and vision:
The Mission of RAMP Foundation is to marshal the power of volunteerism, specifically as it affects displaced children and their families.
The Vision of RAMP Foundation is that we deeply believe in the power of compassion to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the future.